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General Information - VSAG Honour Board

VSAG Honour Board

Club Member of the Year

The VSAG Club Member of the Year Award is given to the member who earns the most points during the course of the previous year. Points are awarded using a highly complex, fair and impartial scheme which takes into account things like: services to VSAG, articles in Fathoms, and even the number of club dives participated in.

Year Name
1972 Frank Maguire
1973 Justin Liddy
1974 Brian Lynch
1975 Dave Moore
1976 Justin Liddy
1977 John Goulding
1978 Tony Tipping
1979 Tony Tipping
1980 Tony Tipping
1981 John Goulding
1982 John Goulding
1983 Barry Truscott
1984 Geoff Birtles
1985 Keith Jensen
1986 John Lawler
1987 Mick Jeacle
1988 Alex Talay
1989 Mick Jeacle
1990 Don Abel
1991 Don Abel
1992 Don Abel
1993 Don Abel
1994 Don Abell and Pat Reynolds
1995 Mick Jeacle
1996 Mick Jeacle
1997 Mick Jeacle
1998 Peter Vleugel
1999 Mick Jeacle
2000 Josie Mare
2001 John Lawler
2002 John Lawler
2003 John Lawler
2004 John Lawler
2005 Alan Storen
2006 Alan Storen
2007 Alan Storen
2008 Alan Storen
2009 John Lawler
2010 John Lawler
2011 John Lawler
2012 John Lawler
2013 John Lawler

Literary Award

The VSAG Literary Award is given to the member who has done the most towards maintaining the high standards of contributions towards Fathoms magazine in the past year.

Year Name
1997 Mick Jeacle
1998 Robert Birtles
1999 Margot Johnson
2000 John Lawler
2001 Alan Beckhurst and Mary Malloy
2002 John Lawler
2003 Leo Maybus
2004 Mick Jeacle
2005 John Mills
2006 Mick Jeacle and Alan Beckhurst
2007 Greg Richards
2008 Alan Storen
2009 Greg Richards
2010 Alan Storen
2011 Greg Breeze
2012 John Mills
2013 Lloyd Borrett

Editor's Award

The VSAG Editor's Award is given to the member who the Fathoms Editor considers to have assisted the most with material for publication in Fathoms magazine in the past year.

Year Name
2008 John Lawler and Greg Richards
2009 John Lawler
2010 Jude Storen
2011 Greg Richards
2012 John Lawler
2013 Cheryl Lees

Weight Belt Award

The VSAG Weight Belt Award is given to a member who in the eyes of VSAG has done something so monumentally stupid as to deserve special recognition.

Year Name Awarded For
2009 Greg Richards
2010 Peter Briggs
2011 Mick Jeacle
2012 Paul Tipping
2013 Dickon Roddie

Special Award

The VSAG Special Award is given to a member who in the eyes of VSAG has done something extremely special. It is rarely bestowed because the standards as to what constitutes special are so high.

Year Name Awarded For
2003 Leo Maybus Bay Crossing
2005 Alan Storen Marine Education
2013 Alan Storen Services to VSAG

50 Year Membership Awards

The following members have received VSAG 50 Year Membership Awards.

Year Name
2009 Pat Reynolds
2009 Peter Matthews
2009 Frank Coustley
2009 John Noonan

VSAG Presidents

The known past presidents of the Victorian Sub-Aqua Group are:

Year Name
1960–1961 F. W. Coustley
1965–1966 R. Bricker
1967–1968 Ron Addison
1990–1991 Don Abell
1994–1995 John Lawler
1997–1998 Andy Mastrowicz
2004–2005 Pat Reynolds
2005–2006 Alan Storen
2006–2007 Alan Storen
2007–2008 Alan Storen
2008–2009 Alan Storen
2009–2010 Greg Richards
2010–2011 David Geekie
2011–2012 David Geekie
2012–2013 David Geekie
2013–2014 David Geekie

Member of the Month Awards

In 2013 the VSAG committee introduced an award to club members who have made a significant contribution to VSAG in recent months. An award isn't made every month, just when special efforts should be recoginised.

Month Name Awarded For
January 2013 Lloyd Borrett and John Lawler Work on the VSAG Boat Safety Guidelines.
February 2013 David Flew Work assisting boat owners.

Saftey In Diving

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