VSAG in 2011...
Thu, 13 Jan 2011 12:23 PM

Posted by Shadow

AS we enter 2011, VSAG is pleased to announce that our new meeting venue will be at The Maori Chief Hotel, 117 Moray Street, corner of Moray and York Streets, South Melbourne VIC 3205 (Melway 1D L11, Google Maps).

All members are encouraged to come to the next meeting on Thursday 20th January to celebrate and swap war stories of their dive adventures over Christmas.

Hear how many Crays were caught in Beachport, how clear the water was in Adelaide, how good was the diving at Phillip Island and many others!!!

If you are planning on coming to Wilsons Prom for Easter, then we need your Camp money now. Bookings will be made 1st Feb. No money, no camp site = no Easter dives for you!

For any new people wishing to join VSAG please note that we are not a dive shop, nor are we a dive charter service. We do not hire gear.

Members of VSAG are expected to pitch in - help launch and retrieve boats, set anchors and generally be useful whilst out diving. If you damage someones boat you will be asked to pay.

Summer is just starting to warm up and all Members have an up to date dive calender in their latest edition of Fathoms magazine - check in now and go diving...


Greg Richards
VSAG President.

Content received from: Victorian Sub-Aqua Group (VSAG), http://www.vsag.org.au