President's Summer 2012-2013 Update
Wed, 05 Dec 2012 01:37 AM

Posted by DavidG

November 2012

Summer is now upon us and the weather is becoming much more appealing for diving. The water temperature has improved and I have had reports of 17C and climbing rapidly. Visibility has been good, even on slack water dives so it is time to pull out your gear, have it looked over and then check in for an easy club dive if you feel out of practice.

VSAG held it’s Christmas party last weekend and a what a great day it was. Thanks to all who turned up, it was great to catch up with you all. Cheryl and Lloyd’s new abode was a fantastic location and I very much appreciate the opening of their home to us – and all the work put in to make us feel welcome. The committee again did a great job in organizing and preparing the food as well as obtaining raffle prizes, resulting in a significant financial gain for the club.

The day highlighted the need to have more non diving activities to deepen the friendships within the club so any suggestions would be welcomed by the committee. I was recently encouraged by the group that supported the ‘rebirthing’ of JL’s trailer, these kinds of activities strengthen a club at many levels.

The committee has continued to focus on ways to ensure we maintain our exceptional safety record whilst diving. Last year we invested in more small oxygen kits and have upgraded our First Aid gear. It is likely we may purchase a larger oxygen kit this financial year more suitable for remote trips.
I have attended several presentations on DCI that have highlighted our need to continue a conservative approach to adequate surface intervals, safety stops and ascent rates.

John Lawler and Lloyd Borrett have now put together a ‘Starter Pack’ for boat owners presenting their boats for use within the club. We are always appreciative of having boats made available to the club to take divers out for diving, but have done little ‘officially’ to help ensure these are set up for optimal diving. Historically we have tended to mentor new boat owners (I was certainly given assistance) but now we have a pack of data to ensure that VSAG boat owners are well prepared.

Additionally boat owners met and agreed to having other boat owners and committee members check their boats out early in the season to ensure the basic legal requirements for safe boating as well as safe diving are in place. Our objectives are to put in place some minimum standards, encourage our boat owners to work together to pass on helpful experiences and ensure our club divers are given great diving experience.

Last year the diving at Christmas was superb and hopefully it will be repeated again this year. Keep an eye out for emails notifying of upcoming diving trips but also let us know if you are planning something during the week.

David Geekie

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